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How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Home for Sale

Whether you have hired a real estate agent or are handling the entire process by yourself, knowing how to prepare your house for sale is a must. Make sure you have enough time at your disposal to prepare the property until potential buyers come to visit it – it may take even more than a week to give the house that look that sells instantly.

Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Here are some tips on making your house look extremely attractive and suitable for sale.

Be emotionally prepared!

Your attitude towards the property is easily perceived by potential buyers. This is why you need to dissociate yourself from the house and start considering it a product you need to sell. One trick is imagining that you hand the keys to the new owner.

Help potential buyers see themselves living in this home

This won’t happen unless you remove your family heirlooms and personal photographs. The house may look more impersonal in the end, but this will help people picture themselves and their family living there.

Organize your belongings

If you still have personal items inside the house, make sure they are placed in order: line up shoes, make sure clothes face the same direction, place spice jars in alphabetical order, and check if coffee cup handles face the same direction. When your items are well-organized, potential buyers instantly think you have taken good care of the rest of the house as well.

Find a balance between and empty and a cluttered home

Removing all furniture is not such a good idea, because all those empty spaces will look unfriendly and prevent visitors from imagining the home with furniture inside it. Furthermore, people will find it hard to realize what each room’s destination is.

On the other hand, a great tip you should try is removing appliances and other items from kitchen counters, because people like a spacious, uncluttered kitchen. It’s also a good idea to remove some items from your dressing room – if clothes are stuffed, visitors will not blame your shopping addiction and instead think there is not enough storage room in your house.

Never tell potential buyers they can’t have an item

This is why it’s better to remove your favorite items and pack them. If someone falls in love with the floor lamp in your bedroom and you refuse to give it, they may be turned off and change their mind.

Keep your house tidy

A house which is not clean doesn’t welcome visitors and ultimately leaves a negative impression. Here are some aspects you should consider:

  • Clear sidewalks
  • Mow the lawn regularly, trim bushes and weed flower beds
  • Keep flower pots around the house. Experts say that yellow flowers are particularly successful at encouraging people to buy
  • Make sure you eliminate odors
  • Remove worn rugs and replace old bedspreads
  • Wash and wax floors
  • Clean the refrigerator – a smelly refrigerator is a big no-no
  • Make sure windows are crystal clear, inside and out
  • Dust the fireplace mantle and other places you often overlook
  • Polish faucets and home appliances

Don’t forget about minor repairs

Fixing minor flaws requires a small investment but makes a huge difference to most buyers. Here’s what you should take a look at:

  • Fix leaking faucets
  • Make sure doors and drawers close properly
  • Patch wall holes
  • Paint walls in neutral colors
  • Replace any burned-out light bulbs

Don’t cook before receiving a visitor

Your family recipes may taste great, but the smell that lingers long after your cooking session may be very unpleasant. An exception to the rule – baking cookies is a great idea if you are expecting a potential buyer to visit your house.

Prepare your bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most intimate places inside a house, but everybody is checking them thoroughly. Besides displaying spotless cleanliness, you should consider the following tips as well:

  • Keep the toilet closed
  • Make your bathroom look like a spa – you can achieve this by buying some cheap items such as candles, faux plants, washcloths, decorative trays, and bathmats.
  • Tie towels with ribbons – this simple trick will make your bathroom look more inviting

Make sure visitors can move around the house comfortably

It’s crucial that you don’t disrupt the natural flow inside your house with bulky furniture that gets in people’s way or even worse, makes them stumble. As for the dining area, make it look like it can host friendly conversation with family and friends instead of keeping chairs turned upside down on the table.

Highlight the property’s points of interests

Every house has a focal point – a gorgeous porch, large windows, a cozy reading corner, or a spectacular dining area. Accessorize the place you’re most proud of and place some attractive items like a flower vase or decorative pillows on the spot.

Most important of all, after finishing preparations, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and walk inside your house like you would be seeing it for the first time (asking a friend to throw a pair of fresh eyes is also a good idea). What is your first impression? Will potential buyers get out of the car and visit your property after checking its exterior? How will they remember your house and would they like to come back there? It’s all up to you!

What to do next?

Once you have prepared your house for sale, the next step is to work with a real estate agent in new york that can help you sell your home fast!

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